We know that training is vital to get the best out of ourselves and our teams. But how do you make sure you invest your time, money and energy in training that really sticks?

Have you ever attended a training event – maybe even one that you found incredibly interesting at the time – and realised after a couple of days that you don’t remember much about it? That might be because you didn’t learn anything – you just heard it.

David Kolb’s theory of experiential learning helps us to understand why some training really works (and why some really doesn’t):

Adapted from Kolb, 1984. This cycle of experience and reflection and experimentation is what builds strong assimilation of knowledge.

People learn best when we go through the process of experience, reflection, planning and experimenting. The most effective learning happens when we get to go through this cycle over and over again.

Imagine you needed to teach a group of people how to bake a cake…

Would you show them pictures of all the ingredients then read the instructions out loud? Instinctively, we know that this wouldn’t work for baking a cake… But when it comes to equally practical skills like coaching, management, or effective communication, sometimes we forget.

We sit through lessons and lectures full of information but we don’t do anything.

Too many courses only tell students about ideas or models, without providing the chance to try new skills out in practice.

It is simply not enough just to be told something.

When you look for training, you should look for opportunities to have new experiences: to be shown something new, given the chance to apply it for yourself, to think about it, and to try again.

Fieri are experts in meaningful experiential learning.

One reason our training is so effective is that Fieri coaches don’t just know the models they deliver: they have lived these lessons. They are experienced, inspirational people, with rich stories to tell about the challenges they have faced, and they use that knowledge to frame genuinely impactful training.

Even when most training moved online during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fieri moved scenario-based training to the forefront. This formula makes training engaging and enjoyable, but beyond that, it leads to learning experiences that really stick.

There is no substitute for quality experience.

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