Turning individuals into decision makers

Since 2012, Fieri has grown to be trusted by some of the most prestigious organisations in the UK and beyond to develop their high potential talent at all levels. Our formula is simple – we build excellent programmes, we use exceptional coaching staff, and we offer a strong return on investment.

Fieri, as a team, use our unique experiences and training disciplines to prompt positive behavioural changes in ambitious people, regardless of age or level.

Our People

Performance & Development

Progression and growth are both key goals and challenges for organisations on a strategic and team level.  Preparing for the daily stresses often involved in high-pressure work environments requires both strong physical wellbeing and mental resilience. We will work with you to develop both.

Communication & Behavioural Science

Communication is critical to success for leaders and teams at all organisational levels. Emotional intelligence and communication skills, are invaluable assets, forming key elements of communal working, for individuals and teams, easing the flow of strategic vision. We will help you develop both.

Team Dynamics

Multiple environments require work to be carried out as part of a team. Organisations get the best from their people when they can confidently work as a team player; each playing a role to support an end function, allowing the organisation to perform at its best.

Management & Leadership Training

Every organisation requires business leaders; to grow, shape and encourage teams and deliver on strategy. Capturing and nurturing early talent, allows potential to be developed, building leaders of tomorrow.

Planning and Decision Making

Key skills within any role; the ability to plan, schedule and act decisively and with confidence, afford progression for the individual, team and organisation.

Security & Safety

In an ever-changing world, organisations need to keep their people safe. Professionals operating in uncertain environments and volatile parts of the world need to be prepared for challenging situations.

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