For many larger employers running graduate schemes, assessment centres are the vital final step in the recruitment process, ensuring that only the best and most suitable available talent is brought on board. It is a big investment so it is important that companies get it right. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation[1] put this cost at over four-times the salary of the incumbent when productivity, recruiting and salary are factored in.

Assessment centres, where candidates are assessed across a range of dimensions and through a variety of tests, provide by far the best evidence base upon which to make hiring decisions IF done properly. That means the use of good, professional tests administered by experienced assessors under fair conditions.

COVID-19 has meant in-person assessment centres have not been feasible over the past year. Many organisations have therefore gone for stripped-back assessment processes – maybe even conducting just a Zoom interview – meaning that hiring decisions are being made with limited data (and of varying quality), and therefore there is more chance of getting it wrong.

The challenge of delivering a full assessment centre online is one that most recruiters and employers have shied away from. It is a big investment in time and tech, carrying much doubt as to whether it can replicate the in-person experience. Those that have tried to ‘virtualise’ their current assessment processes have ended up with too much or too little tech, often leaving both assessors and candidates frustrated and unfulfilled.

Fieri were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to tackle the problem of assessing remotely early in the pandemic….and yes, it can be done! More than that, it has proven cheaper and quicker than in-person testing. It has also proven effective and popular with candidates and assessors alike.

We have now refined our online assessment platform, complete with scoring system, to service a wide range of clients. From a suite of BPS reviewed psychometric tools, to representative work tasks, interaction exercises and virtual interviews designed and adapted by experienced and highly qualified assessors.

The tools and tests are now in place for us to build and administer full assessment centres online, specific to an organisation’s needs. This includes choosing the dimensions to be measured and selecting the most valid and reliable test methods. Fully facilitated, candidates are managed between activities and scores collected and collated for final review. Slick, professional and personable, we are confident that our virtual testing processes and platform are the best available.

As well as recreating the test environment, the virtual world provides plenty of opportunity to ‘attract’ the candidates. They can speak to current graduates, or conduct ‘virtual visits’ to the workplace using AR and VR technology. They can speak to HR staff, and even begin to build a picture of the organisation they aspire to work for. Personalising the virtual assessment process leaves candidates with a very positive impression of the organisation and may help convince top candidates that they should come to you.

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for a great two weeks of virtual assessment centres! Feedback has been really positive and everyone commented on how smooth and well-structured they were!” – Ashley Lidgate, Early Careers Manager

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