The Surprising Benefits of Having a Mentor from a Different Industry

When starting out in a new industry, it’s common to seek mentors within our own industry. After all, they possess valuable insights and experience directly relevant to our field. Mentors are often people we work closely with in office, but at Fieri we mentor individuals at our client organisations. Having a mentor from a different organisation is an often overlooked gem in mentorship. This seemingly unconventional approach can offer a wealth of unexpected benefits that can enhance your perspective, skills, and overall success.

By mentoring talent from our client organisations, they have been able to bring fresh perspectives into their organisations, developed diverse ways of thinking, grown transferable skills and built adaptability.

1. Fresh Perspectives

Mentors from other industries bring fresh perspectives to the table. They’ve faced unique challenges, developed innovative solutions, and adapted to diverse environments. This broader viewpoint can help you think outside the box, offering creative solutions to problems you may not have encountered in your own field.

Imagine a professional salesperson gaining mentorship from a hostage negotiator. While their expertise may not seem directly related, and the hostage negotiator may not have landed a single sale throughout their entire career. The ability to think strategically under pressure and communicate effectively could offer a new perspective on understanding audiences, or on building long lasting relationships.

2. Diversity in Ideas

When you interact with someone from a different industry, the exchange of ideas is often richer and more diverse. Their experiences and approaches might not be the norm in your field, particularly in organisations with low levels of diversity, which can lead to valuable insights that set you apart from the competition. Therefore, it can be beneficial to find mentors that excel in different ways to you.

For example, someone working with a mathematical skillset might benefit from working with a creative thinker. In doing so, they may learn new ways of thinking that could help solve new and unique tasks.

4. Learning Transferable Skills

There are so many skills that are transferable across industries. A mentor from a different field can teach you skills that might not be common in your industry but can significantly enhance your abilities. Learning transferable skills extends knowledge beyond specific job roles or industries. These skills are versatile and can be applied across various contexts, and improve the adaptability and employability of mentees.

5. Building Adaptability

Industries and businesses within them are constantly changing and evolving. A mentor from a different industry can teach you how to embrace this change and thrive in dynamic environments. Their experiences navigating unfamiliar territory can empower you to face new challenges with confidence. Furthermore, working regularly with people outside of your industry and navigating different styles of working can support you should you choose to change roles within your organisation.

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