About Team Development Events


Our approach at events is demonstrative and designed to inspire and create passion, interest, and enthusiasm; delivering theory and experiences which can be transferred into relatable events. People always remember experiences better than a PowerPoint presentation, so, we deliver the theory in a way that makes attendees understand what that experience feels like, giving them a memory not just a memorandum.


Teaching through a range of topics, our workshop programmes include leadership skills, high-performance teamwork building, developmental skills, resilience, wellbeing and managing change within organisations. Fieri create tailored events, relating highly engaging, memorable stories and experiences, which separate fantasy from reality, uncovering participants’ real concerns so our experienced teams can show understanding and help people overcome their issues, problems, and fears.


Hands-on, practical, experiences, applied to teams or individuals, allow our people to assess both physical and mental health and our processes allow candidates to demonstrate strength within given situations; giving them motivation as medication and showing each person that we all have the resilience to succeed, one step at a time.

Residential Based Events


Our research shows us that learning retention is increased when learners receive training away from their everyday working environment. To support this, we offer three day residentials to completely immerse learners in the topics. This format supports our experiential learning format, in which we simulate real-world scenarios for learners to experiment with new skills before transferring them into their own work.


Fieri has access to a beautiful residential retreat in rural Herefordshire where we can deliver immersive team building training. However, all our courses are completely mobile, allowing us to be able to bring our courses to any location that suits you.

One Day Events


We know that your time is valuable. To support fast paced organisations, we developed a one-day event to deliver training. Our one-day events can be tailored to meet your needs, and can be designed to offer an immersive day encompassing one specific topic such as maintaining motivation in teams. Fieri one-day events can also be tailored to deliver taster sessions into a range of topics.

Lifelong Support From Our Team


Fieri support continues long after the course. All learners on our programmes have access to our Alumni Network, containing exclusive learning material from Fieri. In addition to this, we continually measure the impact of our apprenticeships after their completion to assess retention. We can also provide additional sessions after the completion of the programme that recap and build upon the learnings from their apprenticeship.

Team Development Events at glance

Delivery method

These courses can be delivered virtually or online with options available for blended learning.

Programme Duration

Our courses can be delivered as one day events and residential activities spanning multiple days.

How do we teach this course?

A combination of workshops, masterclasses and experiential activities can be included in our Team Development Events in order to maximise the potential of your team.

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