Fieri prepares professionals in security, media, third sector and industry to operate in hostile or insecure environments, where they need to be prepared to face some challenging situations. We also support deploying families and support staff. We equip people with knowledge and skills which keeps them safe and could even save their lives.

Our highly trained and experienced training team consists of those with backgrounds in Special Forces, law enforcement, hostage and crisis negotiation, security and intelligence analysts, combat medics and advanced driving skills instructors.

With first-hand experience of high-risk environments worldwide, our teams equip participants with the tools required to allow them to keep calm and make the decisions that matter whilst under threat and in times of extreme stress, with programmes designed to give participants the tools to recognise and respond to risk at any level.

People who have completed our HEAT training are currently operating in some of the most dangerous areas in the world, working in fields such as counter-terrorism, television production and security management. We consistently get incredible feedback as to how the knowledge and skills they have learned with us has helped keep them (and often their families) safe.

Suitable for: Mid Senior

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