We create award winning graduate programmes for clients who are committed to making the very most of their investment in junior talent.

We build and run 1-3 year programmes across multiple sectors for national and international graduate programmes of varying sizes. We focus on both improving performance and supporting graduates as they transition from full-time education to the workplace. The occupational skills we develop are aligned to each organisation’s requirements and culture based on a detailed needs analysis. Where required we also have the experience and expertise to assist with graduate assessment and selection.

We use coaches who have been graduate leaders themselves and gone on to thrive in their respective professions. People selected for their ability to role-model the behaviours that are expected, and with the empathy and know-how to support and develop graduates throughout the programme. Working hand in hand with line managers and internal talent teams, we bring out the best in graduates, giving them the confidence, skills and self-awareness to thrive.

We use a mixture of classroom and experiential learning to make the very most of our contact time with graduates. Each programme is supported by a wealth of targeted resources and graduates get constant access to our training team, including individual coaching support where needed. Typically, our programmes encompass monthly to quarterly residentials supported by online sessions covering:

• Leadership
• Communication Skills
• Resilience and Wellbeing
• Planning and Decision-Making
• Team Dynamics
• Management Skills

Suitable for: Junior

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