Fieri deliver UK market-leading apprenticeships in Management and Leadership at Levels 3 and 5, leveraging our diverse and extensive team’s expertise in delivering at the forefront of experiential and action-based learning, using their own experiences to help others gain perspective and grow in confidence and ability.

All apprenticeships have a requirement to develop the skills that will allow them to perform within a professional environment, whilst learning about the values and standards of the industry and organisation they are entering. Using role modelling and highly engaging programmes to meet the End Point Assessment requirements for a wide range of apprenticeships, Fieri deliver occupational skills development training across wide-ranging industry sectors.

Many learners will have several years’ experience within their organisation already, and wish to gain a formal qualification, whereas others will be new to their workplace; at Fieri we are inclusive, and we focus on individualised learning – one size does not fit all.

There is no-one more suited to developing your talent pool than Fieri; our team, built carefully over several years, comprises inspirational facilitators with first–hand experience of the Paralympic and Olympic Games, hostage and crisis negotiation, business psychology, the L&D sector, commercial leadership, educational leadership, elite sport, health/wellbeing and resilience, the military and much more. 

We are also fully adapted to deliver via the new Fieri virtual learning environment, building self-confidence, with an ability to make decisions and be part of and build a high–performance team. Under our expert tuition, programmes shall include analysing data; project management; communicating effectively; planning and organisational skills, and practising leading others under expert mentoring and coaching, both internal and external to learners’ organisation.

*Apprenticeship Levy (Fully Funded)

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