Our Services

We work with companies of all sizes and offer a wide range of industry tailored services from one-off talks to long-term holistic programmes to charitable initiatives.


Apprentice and graduate development programmes.

We all have to start somewhere, and the better that start is the stronger we become. Working closely with your business we can create a training programme perfectly suited to the needs of your fresh-faced, eager candidates, nurturing their potential early on, and helping build the leaders of tomorrow.


Experiences that build leadership and professional skills.

Evolution offers a demanding range of offsite challenges and dynamic talks and workshops. Based in picturesque outdoor locations around England, it's an exciting experience that pushes individuals to the limits of their abilities and shows them what they're really made of.


Fieri Wellbeing

Holistic workshops to enhance wellness in the workplace.

Designed to develop both physical and mental wellbeing, this experience mixes outdoor endurance training with mental agility exercises and even dietary advice. It's an all round programme that demonstrates how individuals can get the best out of themselves and each other.


Executive and team coaching, mentoring and facilitation programmes.

Done well, coaching allows people to identify their own problems, understand what's holding them back, and helps them develop the right strategies to move themselves forwards. It can be intensely powerful, raising self-awareness and responsibility and often gives entirely new perspectives on difficult issues.


Our coaching practices can be applied to a team or individual setting and are conducted empathetically, sensitively and with totally confidentiality. This is a proven approach that leads to performance benefits for the leaders of today, and instils a methodology that they can pass on to the leaders of tomorrow.


Fieri Sport

Specialised programmes designed primarily to benefit professional sportspeople and athletes.

This experience turns the pressure up to eleven, making sure that even those individuals at their physical peak face a challenging experience that pushes them to unexpected heights of performance. A strong body starts with a strong mind – and Fieri Sport will push both to the limit. 


A chance for us to give back and help the causes we really care about.

No matter what we've been through, there is always someone less fortunate than ourselves. That's why we created Fieri Giving, to make sure that whenever possible, we find time to share our stories and inspire others or simply just share a helping hand.