With a current prediction of a further widening in the skills gap, employment and recruitment is an increasingly difficult route to navigate, with no guarantee of a suitable candidate at the end of the road.

Maximising on the skills of current employees may be viewed by most, as the way forward – you employed them for a reason…right?

A financially preferable option, senior leaders and HR managers are increasingly turning to their existing workforce, focusing on leadership and development training to not only get the most out of the organisation’s talent, but increase job satisfaction, upskill employees and attract new talent into the business.

Retention of valuable staff is key, providing a beneficial route forward for all concerned, at all levels.

Leveraging employee skills, results in a more satisfied, engaged workforce, with most favouring an L & D opportunity to advance their own skills and in turn, gain more opportunities and greater job satisfaction.

Seen as a step-up in their career, quality Leadership and Development courses can see candidates progress through the ranks, filling available job roles and in turn, secure their own departmental teams.

With the extra responsibility however comes a greater requirement for knowledge, awareness and further learning, allowing candidates to become effective leaders in their field.

Fieri offer tailored Leadership Development courses, crafted to suit the unique requirements of your team and company structure, allowing you to maximise the potential of your workforce, whilst winning on the job satisfaction front and saving time and money in costly and often futile, recruitment processes.

Educational opportunities within the workplace provide a win-win, retaining valued team members, offering career opportunities and allowing candidates to progress through the ranks of your organisation.

Fieri work with your senior leaders and HR managers to establish the key requirements and tailor, structured learning programmes, designed to deliver; developing high potential talent at all levels and offering a strong return on investment.

Our training teams use their own unique experiences and training disciplines to prompt positive behavioural changes in ambitious people, across the fields of Performance Communication Team Dynamics Leadership Planning Security

A known way to retain top talent is to allow their career progression within your organisation and by providing an environment of continual training and progression, fresh talent shall ultimately, come to you.

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