Our people are what make us different

Chosen for their life experience as well as expertise and qualifications, our coaching staff have the skills and knowledge to guide people to success. From Olympians to record-breaking explorers and military leaders; vast life experience and a wealth of knowledge and training, forms the basis of their teaching, delivered with empathy, humility and great skill. Each of our programmes is additionally supported by a team of psychologists, teachers and specialists, to ensure each programme delivered, meets the needs of its target audience.

Turn Individuals Into Decision Makers

Each and every one of us are passionate about our work and are here because we have stories to tell of the physical and emotional challenges we have overcome; using our experiences to inspire transformation in others. World-class training allows us to recreate directly relatable experiences to challenge individuals and teams, preparing them for working in challenging business environments.

Working with the talented team at Fieri is a privilege. All of the team have cut their teeth in high-pressure environments and know how to create an environment which is challenging, supportive and developmental. Everything and everyone is geared towards the partnership with the client …


Harrie Ellaway demonstrates cheerfulness and resilience in the face of adversity and teaches through demonstration of real-life experience, so others can benefit and learn to thrive in challenging environments.


As an ex-officer in the army Sarah Lawson shares her experiences around leadership in a hostile environment. Leading a troop in Afghanistan, searching for and destroying IED’s, presented a highly pressured, fast-paced environment, where Sarah realised that to become the leader she wanted to be, self-care was essential.


Having learned vital lessons through her career as a Paralympian, Hannah Stodel utilises those valuable skills to empower High Performance Teams, within her teaching role at Fieri, where she teaches teams to perform well together within a business environment.

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