Our task

To help Rugby players facing early retirement (through illness or injury) transition their talents into new occupations.

Our approach

The enforced requirement to find a new career early in your professional working life is unique to only a small number of professions. But we know exactly what that's like. And through our experiences we developed an Institute of Leadership and Development certified programme bespoke to elite sports professionals.

This is a much more intimate affair than our off-site, experiential programmes. Because what these guys really need is the benefit of our experience and support. The programme is divided into four modules covering: Development of Transition; Personal Development; Employment Preparation Workshops; and Employment Consultation & Networking. 

By sharing our stories, we show ex-players that their talents are still relevant and can be harnessed in other roles. The ability to work as part of a high-performance team, the ability to communicate and make decisions under pressure, the boldness to take responsibility when it is most needed - these are all qualities that make former elite sports people a prized asset for any employer.

Our results

We will be running this programme in 2018 for the third consecutive year.  For players, it's a chance like no other to reflect and self-evaluate at a very challenging time in their career.  Their positive feedback has been second-to-none.

The flexibility and quality of delivery is brilliant. They understand what we’re trying to achieve and the players have taken a great amount from the experiences of the Fieri mentors. They have enabled us to deliver a hugely successful Transition Programme and we look forward to building on all the work we’re doing in the future.