Our task

Give Martindale Pharma staff the training they need to cope with the anxiety of a sudden business expansion.

Our approach

When a business suddenly changes direction or expands, staff have to go through swift and significant changes to keep up. It can stressful, but through our experiences give us the know how to help guide them through it. 

We helped Martindale prepare a programme from the top down for all levels of staff and management, from operatives to supervisors and senior leadership. Through relatable analogy, we used our experiences to show how they could prepare for immediate and ongoing changes – both mentally and physically.

We've just finished with the Senior Leaders, taking them on an 18-month course of quarterly workshops, themed staff-development workshops and executive coaching for specific senior leadership members. A memorable 48-hour offsite experience in Herefordshire closed out their experience, giving them a chance to apply their learnings in the outside world. 

2018 will see the launch of our development programme for the operatives so we will have embedded the training at all levels. 

Our results

Although still an ongoing programme, the feedback from Martindale Pharma's senior staff proves it has already been a resounding success: 'As a result of Fieri’s intervention, our staff have been able to implement change more effectively including better communication between staff and teams, improved ownership within the business and working together more efficiently.'

I have been involved in numerous Leadership programs over the years, and can honestly say that the Fieri program has received the most positive of feedback from the participants. The Fieri approach is to listen to your needs and tailor their program to meet them. The team at Fieri are flexible and approachable, but most importantly, professional in everything that they do. More importantly, our results show that they are effective.
— Ewen Crosbie, Manufacturing Director, January 2018