Leadership development is at the core of what we do. We challenge people at all levels to be better leaders. We believe in immersive learning and exposing people to experienced leaders in a range of fields. We believe in a solid grounding in leadership theory but more importantly, the opportunity to try out new approaches in a ‘safe’ environment.

Team Leader


For our Team Leader course, leaders will be in the first step on their career journey that exposes them to the exciting challenge of leading teams. Our Team Leader course is designed specifically for this level to give new leaders the skills they need to succeed.

Operational Leader


Our Operational Leader programmes are designed as a progression from the Team Leader programme, and tailored towards junior and middle management level, where the leadership role can become more complex, with larger and multi-layered teams. Our programme is designed to support leaders in a rapidly changing world by developing resilience, adaptability and navigating complex challenges. 

strategic leader


Our strategic leader programme is centred around developing strategic leadership skills. By providing senior leaders with a toolbelt of team enhancing strategies, we equip our strategic leaders with the ability to create short term actions that develop long term organisational success.


Designed for company decision makers, the strategic leader programme is a highly personalised, exclusive programme specifically designed to support executives growing their businesses. Our experts have over 10 years experience in delivering masterclasses, workshops and providing feedback rich coaching. We can tailor all elements of the content to meet your needs.

Lifelong Support From Our Team


Fieri support continues long after the course. All learners on our programmes have access to our Alumni Network, containing exclusive learning material from Fieri. In addition to this, we continually measure the impact of our apprenticeships after their completion to assess retention. We can also provide additional sessions after the completion of the programme that recap and build upon the learnings from their apprenticeship.

Leadership Development at glance

Programme Level

Available for a range of levels, from individuals training for managerial positions, to newly appointed CEO’s.

Delivery method

In-person delivery at Client site, off-site, virtual or hybrid.

Programme Duration

Following a detailed needs analysis, we will establish a programme duration suited to your individual specifications.


At Fieri, we are an Approved Centre for ILM. This allows us to accredit all of our courses with The Institute of Leadership and Management.

How do we teach this course?

Fieri Leadership Programmes consist of multiple sessions which can involve: workshops, keynotes, team building or other forms of individual or team coaching.’

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