Our practiced leaders have spoken at events across the globe; both in person and virtually, where their transformational skills are applied to enhance your event. With a range of unique experiences and training disciplines, across broad sectors, Fieri’s people are experts at using these life lessons to encourage, teach and create positive behavioural changes in ambitious people across all business levels.



Our keynote speakers take individuals on a journey of inspiring and enjoyable stories in order to motivate colleagues and promote change. Through the use of language, our speakers connect emotionally with audiences to align company goals and create shared vision. Some of our recent keynotes have covered topics such as developing junior leaders, growth mindset and supporting organisational change. Using a topic of your choosing, we can develop a keynote as a standalone product or embed a keynote within a wider conference.


Our people have extraordinary stories to tell. Read more about Our People.

Leadership Summits


Fieri Leadership Summits offer a full 360 service of developing, designing and delivering a Leadership Summit on a topic of your choosing. Our summits can be completely tailored to meet your needs, and can be delivered in a location of your choosing. We can offer as much or little impact as you wish, either assisting on small elements of your Summit, or delivering the full event whilst incorporating your branding.

Lifelong Support From Our Team


Fieri support continues long after the course. All learners on our programmes have access to our Alumni Network, containing exclusive learning material from Fieri. In addition to this, we continually measure the impact of our apprenticeships after their completion to assess retention. We can also provide additional sessions after the completion of the programme that recap and build upon the learnings from their apprenticeship.

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