Measuring Impact in People Development Programmes

The LeadX Leadership Development Benchmark Report was released this week. The 23 page report contains qualitative and quantitative reporting from 145 companies, including interviews with CPO’s and Senior HR professionals. Whilst the majority of businesses have been experiencing mass change since 2020, the data obtained by LeadX highlights a shift in the people development industry, as senior leaders look to be able to measure the impact of training programmes on their business objectives. At Fieri, we have been proud to support our clients with evidence on how their programme has supported their business for over 10 years, and we welcome this industry shift.

While the impact of people development programmes may not always be immediately tangible, there are specific methods and strategies that can accurately measure their effectiveness and showcase their ROI.

Key Performance Indicators and Needs Analysis

Almost 20% of managers in the report noted data management and ROI as their no.1 priority for leadership development, highlighting the need for leadership development providers to increase the amount of data being supplied to their partners. Before initiating any people development programme, it’s essential to define clear objectives aligned with organisational goals. These objectives should be measurable and tied to specific KPIs such as employee engagement, productivity, retention rates, or skill acquisition. By setting concrete benchmarks, L&D providers can gauge the success of the programme and demonstrate its impact on desired outcomes.

Pre-and Post-Assessments

Conducting comprehensive assessments before and after the implementation of a people development programme provides valuable insights into its effectiveness. Pre-assessments help identify existing skill gaps and areas for improvement, while post-assessments measure progress and skill enhancement achieved through the programme. By comparing the results, L&D providers can quantify the impact of the programme on individual and organisational performance.

It is also interesting to look at the Kirkpatrick model. Providers can measure course recipient reaction to the course as the most basic metric after training. 86% of L&D providers provide their partners with this information. However, only 59% of providers measure the amount of learning that took place on their course. Perhaps most concerningly, just 22% of L&D providers regularly show clients the impact their training has on their organisation.

Employee Engagement and Retention

One of the greatest indicators of the success of your people programme is the engagement and retention of your people. High employee engagement and retention are indicative of a positive organisational culture and effective people development initiatives. By analysing metrics such as turnover rates, internal mobility, and employee satisfaction scores, L&D providers can attribute improvements to the implementation of development programmes. Engaged and retained employees not only contribute to higher productivity but also serve as ambassadors for the organisation’s commitment to employee growth and development.

Long-Term Impact Assessment of People Development Programmes

The true value of people development programmes often manifests in the long term through sustained performance improvement and organisational agility. Therefore, it’s essential to assess the long-term impact of these programmes on strategic objectives. Tracking indicators of long-term success allows L&D providers to showcase the benefits of their initiatives and justify continued investment.

Whilst many providers measure the impact of their programmes immediately after programme completion, the true test of learning comes later.

At Fieri, we are able to measure our programmes months after the programme has been completed. We know that the impact of our interventions is strong, measurable and long lasting.

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