How are you improving team development in 2024? 

We are now entering December and the year is drawing to a close. Therefore, it’s time for organisations to reflect on the year, celebrate their successes and additionally find areas for improvement. One aspect that warrants special attention is team development. Whether you lead a small startup or manage a large corporate team, the year’s end provides an ideal juncture to strategise, and invest in the cohesion of your team.  

1. Reflecting on Achievements and Challenges

Before embarking on the journey of team development, it’s essential to take note of the year’s accomplishments and setbacks. Therefore, consider the projects that thrived, the goals that were met, and the challenges that were overcome. Reflecting on these experiences provides valuable insights into the dynamics of your team and additionally sets the stage for informed decision-making in the coming year. 

2. Identifying Strengths and Areas for Improvement 

Each team should have a unique blend of skills, personalities, and working styles. Use the year-end review to identify the strengths that have propelled your team forward and the areas that may require attention. Are there particular knowledge gaps that stand out and negatively impact your team? Are there communication gaps or collaboration hurdles that need addressing? Understanding these dynamics lays the groundwork for targeted team development initiatives and meaningful development. At Fieri, we work with companies to understand where these gaps are, and deliver training that closes these gaps and supports team cohesion. 

3. Celebrating Milestones and Recognising Contributions 

Team development isn’t just about addressing weaknesses; it’s also about celebrating strengths and acknowledging individual and collective achievements. Take the time to recognise and appreciate the hard work and dedication of team members. Additionally, studies suggest that individuals need five to seven pieces of positive feedback for every piece of negative feedback they hear. This not only boosts morale but also reinforces the positive team culture your organisation has built. 

4. Investing in Professional Development and Opportunities 

We know that in 2023, the shelf life of skills is the shortest it has ever been. Although frustrating for professionals, this trend is set to continue into 2024 making training more important than ever. Therefore, year-end presents an excellent opportunity to invest in professional development opportunities. Whether it’s workshops, training sessions, or certifications, providing opportunities for training ensures that your team stays competitive and adaptable to industry changes. 

5. Team Development Activities for Cohesion 

Team development activities are not just reserved for off-site retreats; they can be seamlessly integrated into year-end reflections. Consider organising teambuilding exercises that promote communication, collaboration, and trust. You can see examples of some of the innovative team development evets the Fieri team work on on our website and social media.

6. Setting Clear Goals and Objectives for 2024 Team Development 

Effective team development requires a roadmap. Set SMART, actionable goals for the upcoming year based on the insights gained from the year-end review. These goals could include specific skill development targets, improved communication strategies and initiatives to enhance team morale. Having a well-defined plan ensures that team development efforts are purposeful and aligned with broader organisational objectives. 

No matter what your plans are for 2024, you will need a motivated, organised and cohesive team that are prepared to go the extra mile to achieve your business goals and that’s where the Fieri team come in. 

We build high performing leaders and teams, supporting individuals and organisations to #BecomeExtraordinary. 

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