With news of our recently launched, unique training scheme, we thought it may be useful to offer a full insight into Fieri’s Apprenticeships, whilst dispelling a few myths surrounding eligible candidates and delivering some encouraging news with regards funding.

Firstly, to clarify any ambiguity surrounding our training schemes; despite the name; the Fieri training programmes are open to candidates of any age and within any profession, opening up Level 3 and Level 5 management training courses to businesses and individuals; developing expertly trained leaders.

There has never been a greater need for organisations to have management teams who can deal with ambiguity and uncertainty, however, for many organisations, this comes at the same time as increased pressure on learning and development budgets.

So, the news of levy funded courses shall come as great news to those with concerns about covering the costs of supplying leadership management training to their team.

The Fieri name has become synonymous over the years with the provision of high-calibre leadership training that has a big impact on performance; particularly for those leading in dynamic and difficult circumstances. Fieri’s training is unique in design and delivery, created to offer an accredited qualification, whilst benefitting from the expertise and proven abilities of a team with hands-on experience across a range of testing challenges and situations.

Now, for the first time, we can offer our award-winning leadership training to individuals and organisations with full funding coming from the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy. We have teamed up with OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ rated learning provider TLC to offer an incredible package that embraces Fieri’s skills-based training with a nationally recognised qualification.

Shaped to meet your specific individual and organisational needs, including the incorporation of existing in-house leadership training, we are already delivering fully funded programmes to some globally recognised companies.

We are currently providing this training virtually but will start delivering in-person masterclasses and experiential learning offsites as the lockdown eases.

World class training…free. What isn’t there to like about that?

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