Our hostile environment training ensures individuals are ready for anything. 

Professionals operating in the more volatile parts of the world know they're going to face some challenging situations – and that they need to be prepared. Our training and preparation programmes give participants the tools to recognize and respond to risk at any level.

Our teams are all experts in their field with a background in the Special Forces and years of operational experience as combat medics, overseas security managers and hostage negotiators. 

That means they know first-hand what it's like to work in high-risk environments, worldwide. And they know how to remain calm and make the decisions that matter in times of extreme stress.

What's more, our security professionals are trained coaches and teachers, ensuring that as well as having a wealth of knowledge they are also able to pass that knowledge on effectively.

Whether it's being able to drive your way out of danger, treat a gunshot wound or to plan and manage a trip safely, our consultants will create realistic training scenarios that deliver an unforgettable learning experience. 

And it needs to be unforgettable – because these are the memories that could one day save their lives.


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If driving, directions to the Campbell Road Gate can be found here. A member of the Fieri team will be on-hand to meet you. There is ample parking on-site.

Bramley Training Area
Campbell Road
RG26 5BQ

If you are arriving by train, there are stations at both Basingstoke and Bramley, Hants. We will run pick-ups on Tuesday morning and drop-offs on Thursday evening if required. Please ensure you annotate details on the joining proforma.