Fieri Apprenticeships Celebrate Highest Possible Accolade From Ofsted

Fieri have been delivering highly specialised leadership and management apprenticeships since their initial founding over 10 years ago. An approved ILM Centre and popular provider for some of the world’s biggest organisations, including GSK, Domino’s and ERIK’s, Fieri apprenticeship graduates have gone on to become successful leaders in their own right.

 In 2022 Fieri took the opportunity to become an approved independent training provider that delivers funded apprenticeship programmes. For Fieri, this means that their apprenticeship team can take learners through the entire learning process. This is including administration and onboarding, in addition to continuing their highly specialised apprenticeship training. Additionally, it means that employers can now use their levy pot to fund Fieri apprenticeships.

As an independent training provider, Fieri undertook their initial monitoring visit from Ofsted in December 2023 and are delighted to have been awarded:

‘Making Significant Progress’ across all 3 areas inspected

Mandie Willis, who leads apprenticeships at Fieri, told us that “The team are overjoyed with the Ofsted Monitoring Visit grade.  It reflects all the hard work that we have collectively put into our systems and processes and more importantly the learning provision and support that we provide to our apprentices and our employers.”

Whilst the team recognise that there will be a full inspection in due course, their successful monitoring visit is a step that recognises the incredible work Mandie and her team have been putting into building highly specialised, customer-focussed apprenticeship programmes.

In a monitoring visit, providers can be graded as making insufficient progress, reasonable progress and significant progress. Ofsted highlighted that the team at Fieri had achieved the highest possible grades of significant progress in every aspect of their report. Ofsted particularly like that Fieri specialise in leadership and management, and offer multiple options for continuous learning through Fieri’s unmatched tutor access options.

The Highest Possible Accolade From Ofsted

Mandie told us that “It is difficult to pick one aspect of the inspection feedback as everything is interlinked across the three areas inspected. The biggest outcome for me is that it really confirms our commitment to putting the apprentice truly at the heart of everything we do. That makes us an impactful apprenticeship provider. Learner development, learner experience and the impact of the programme on learner knowledge, skills and behaviour was very clear to see throughout the inspection. The inspector feedback confirmed this following apprentice and employer interviews on each day.”

Throughout, the client and learner feedback collected as part of the report, Ofsted were impressed with the clarity and relevance of the learning examples given by learners. In particular, learners were able to discuss specific tools and models from their learning and directly link them to their role in the workplace. Furthermore, learners had a clear understanding of how to improve their work and aim for distinction level.

In 2024, fewer than one in three employees know how to progress their careers in the next five years (Gartner, 2024). Fieri tackle this head on through their apprenticeships. Ofsted were able to see clear CIAG was provided to learners helping them understand the career opportunities available to them and the next steps.

A Major Milestone For Fieri

Mandie describes their report as “A great start to Fieri’s independent provider journey. This report shows us that we need to continue the work we’re doing and ensure we continuously improve our programmes to continue delivering amazing work for our clients and learners.”

This is a major milestone for Fieri Leadership, and supports their overall offering as a leadership development specialist. In addition to their professional apprenticeship programmes, they provide award winning graduate, senior leader and team development options and support personal development at every level of an individual’s career.

Founder and Managing Director, Matt Johns told us that “leadership apprenticeships offer a valuable opportunity for employers to upskill their workforce, and for employees to gain valuable skills that will help them as leaders throughout their careers. We are incredibly proud of the work we do with our levy-funded learners and truly believe we offer best in class learning opportunities to the leaders and potential leaders we work with.”

Readers can find Fieri’s full Ofsted report here.


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