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Successfully working with early talent requires an understanding of what skills learners have grown in their education and strategies to identify and develop existing strengths and weaknesses. Fieri have the unique advantage of working with early career talent from a multitude of backgrounds. We have strong connections with Universities across the UK and run Graduate Programmes across the country. However, we also have experience working with learners from non-university backgrounds. Whether your early talent comes through apprenticeship schemes, military transitions, or are school leavers, our programmes are designed to support early talent from every background.

Who is it for?


Early career talent includes those new to a career with up to three years experience in the industry. Whilst there are benefits to hiring advanced professionals with over five years experience, working with early talent gives employers the opportunity to work with motivated young people that can be moulded into mid-level positions.

Whether your early talent comes through apprenticeship schemes, military transitions, or are school leavers, our programmes are designed to support early talent from every background.



All apprentices have a requirement to develop the skills that will allow them to perform within a professional environment, whilst learning about the values and standards of the industry and organisation they are entering. Using role modelling and highly engaging programmes to meet the End Point Assessment requirements for a wide range of apprenticeships, Fieri deliver occupational skills development training across wide-ranging industry sectors.

A leadership apprenticeship is a great way of developing new and existing leaders within your organisation. Combining a mixture of Apprenticeship training with on the job experience, learners have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge from their programme directly into their everyday job. This allows learners to discover their own leadership style as they apply different aspects of their training to real world scenarios.


At Fieri, our work with early career apprentices supports them to experience leadership and management roles in the safety of a training environment to make the step up to leadership a smooth and comfortable process.



We create award winning graduate programmes for clients who are committed to making the very most of their investment in junior talent.


We build and run 1-3 year programmes across multiple sectors for national and international graduate programmes of varying sizes. We focus on both improving performance and supporting graduates as they transition from full-time education to the workplace. The occupational skills we develop are aligned to each organisation’s requirements and culture based on a detailed needs analysis. Where required we also have the experience and expertise to assist with graduate assessment and selection.

We use coaches who have been graduate leaders themselves and gone on to thrive in their respective professions. People selected for their ability to role-model the behaviours that are expected, and with the empathy and know-how to support and develop graduates throughout the programme. Working hand in hand with line managers and internal talent teams, we bring out the best in graduates, giving them the confidence, skills and self-awareness to thrive.

We use a mixture of classroom and experiential learning to make the very most of our contact time with graduates. Each programme is supported by a wealth of targeted resources and graduates get constant access to our training team, including individual coaching support where needed.

Typically, our programmes encompass monthly to quarterly residentials supported by online sessions covering:


  • Leadership
  • Communication Skills
  • Resilience and Wellbeing
  • Planning and Decision-Making
  • Team Dynamics
  • Management Skills

High Potential


Identifying key talents within an organisation, Fieri furnishes the selected learners with the skills, confidence and support to become elite performers in their field.


Our teams at Fieri are trained in recognising and developing the potential within your business’s candidates, nurturing their capabilities and firming up their strengths, to make them the best they can be and building the leaders of tomorrow.

The tailored training programmes we create are perfectly suited to both recognising and cultivating the potential within your company’s recruits; returning them to work with the tools and knowledge they need to excel within their role and graduate to management and leadership levels. Recognising, identifying, cultivating, and developing tomorrow’s leaders today; Fieri’s High Potential Programmes have made leaders from identified talent across multiple industry sectors, benefitting both the recruits and the organisation.

Not quite what you were looking for?

Take a look at out Leadership Development courses for training for higher levels

Lifelong support from our team


Fieri support continues long after the course. All learners on our programmes have access to our Alumni Network, containing exclusive learning material from Fieri. In addition to this, we continually measure the impact of our apprenticeships after their completion to assess retention. We can also provide additional sessions after the completion of the programme that recap and build upon the learnings from their apprenticeship.

Early Talent at a glance

Programme Level

Our early talent courses are designed for individuals new to your business with up to two years experience.


We work with early talent from a range of backgrounds including graduates, school leavers and apprentices.

Learner options

In house cohort delivery with options for overnight residentials at our residential facilities.

Delivery method

Our courses are delivered through blended learning with carefully scheduled learning sessions to fit around your organisations activities.

Programme Duration

We are able to create a programme tailored to your needs in terms of content and length. Early Talent programme duration can range from a one day workshop to a three year comprehensive programme.

Available Accreditations

Our courses are available to be accredited by a board of your choice. Additionally, successful participants of our apprenticeship courses will be awarded their Level 3 or Level 5 qualification upon completion of the programme.

How do we teach this course?

Every course we deliver is tailored to the learners we work with. Before delivering our courses, our creative team will conduct an in-depth needs analysis and then suggest a range of learning activities including workshops, masterclasses, keynotes and individual coaching sessions.


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