Our task

Deloitte was already world renowned for their leadership development. But our job was to increase awareness of their Global Leader Framework and bring it to life in a way that better related to the workplace.

Our approach

The programme needed to have an impact on Directors and Managers at all levels, whilst always keeping in-line with Deloitte's Strategic Objectives. So we worked very closely with a Deloitte partner, making sure our ambitions always matched their vision.

We started with an inspirational launch event, sharing some of our personal experiences to set the scene and get the delegates excited about the programme ahead.

Quarterly 3-hour workshops followed, delivered by a variety of Fieri partners and specialist associates. We covered themes such as High-Performance Teamwork, Effective Comms, Leadership and motivation, using role-play to show how these relate to their everyday working environment.  

For our crescendo, we took the delegates on a 48-hour off-site excursion in Herefordshire. Here, we put all the theory into practice, providing experiential and immersive scenarios that showed everyone how much they'd learned.

Our results

Despite initial cynicism, there was unanimously positive feedback from all delegates who discovered how much more they can learn when pushed out of their comfort zone. Deloitte felt there was a marked improvement in the understanding of their Leader Framework for delegates, and we always receive a Net Promoter Score of 50+.

Inspirational but relevant and useful in the workplace too.  The entire team’s enthusiasm to share their experiences with our clients was fantastic.
— Carole Crossley, Partner, GES Clients & Markets