Our task

Create a tailored event that would help GSK's talented apprentices prepare for the stresses of their high-pressure work environment.

Our approach

The answer to wellbeing in the workplace is more than just chillout areas and organic coffee. It's about getting under the skin of people and uncovering their everyday concerns so that we can deal with them.

This is where the strength of our stories and experiences are so important. They're engaging, and help us quickly separate the fantasy from the reality, showing the GSK apprentices that we're real people who understand them.

Through a series of challenging experiences we test both their physical and mental wellbeing. These include a broad range of endurance tests, with information on balanced diets and office-ready exercise drills, and focused mental agility exercises.

One of our favourites - a tabletop exercise to cross Antarctica as a group - shows how to break a task down into digestible, understandable pieces. But importantly, it also demonstrates what it means to be a team: that support rather than admonishment is the way to get the best out of each other.

Another aspect of wellbeing we tackle head-on is everyday addictions, which can be a very real issue for these individuals. But we've been there, and our stories and experiences show them that we all have the resilience to succeed, one step at a time.

Our results

So far, we have shared our stories with around 160 new faces. And already GSK have booked us for next year, so pleased were they with the results.
The apprentices fed back that they felt understood and that we were people they respected and would listen to.

And importantly for GSK, because we made it relatable to the core values of their business, they saw a marked improvement both in the behaviour of the individuals and across the team as a whole.

They do a lot on resilience and basically put a bad day into perspective through the stories they tell. The result is we do have a high level of awarded apprentices and undoubtedly the work they do contributes to this success.
— Laurianne Griffiths @ GSK - Apprentice and Early Talent Manager