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Fieri build and run high quality assessment and selection services for a number of organisations across several industries. Our highly qualified and experienced team help establish the traits, strengths and qualifications you are looking for; developing a methodology for selection and an assessment programme, allowing accurate and consistent measurement.


Fieri support in-house assessors through training and facilitation and can either licence test material or design a full programme from scratch. Following British Psychological Society standards, our people ensure that the selection of your team is based on relevant skills, experience and qualifications, allowing you to source the right people at the right time.


We know that people are central to any organisation, which is why we humanly monitor applications for organisations of any size, to ensure that the people you decide to work with are right for you.



Psychometric testing gives a complete picture of the critical thinking, logical problem solving and analytical skills of a candidate. We can also test for personality traits that indicate how a candidate might perform in a team environment. Our team humanly monitor every stage of psychometric testing to ensure the best candidates are selected.

Assessment Centre Design and Management


Our team work with your organisation to creatively design and co-ordinate assessment centres that accurately represent the type of scenarios new hires would experience at your company. We can work with you during the assessment day to identify strong candidates that meet your requirements.

Interviewer Training


Finding the right hire is about asking the right questions. We deliver interviewer training to ensure your interviews result in a consistently better hiring process and protect your company from unconscious bias.



A full 360 of our Assessment and Selection services, we cover the entire recruitment process from start to finish, working closely with you to find the right people for your organisation.

Lifelong Support From Our Team


Fieri support continues long after the course. All learners on our programmes have access to our Alumni Network, containing exclusive learning material from Fieri. In addition to this, we continually measure the impact of our apprenticeships after their completion to assess retention. We can also provide additional sessions after the completion of the programme that recap and build upon the learnings from their apprenticeship.

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