Bring out the rest in them

Helping you and your organisation optimise your most valuable resource – your people.

Working with some of the biggest companies in the UK and helping them develop their leaders, at all levels, to improve their performance.

Optimise your most precious resource

Trusted by some of the most prestigious organisations in the UK and beyond, Fieri develop high potential talent at all levels. Our formula is simple – we build excellent programmes, we use exceptional coaching staff, and we offer a strong return on investment.

Fieri, as a team, use our unique experiences and training disciplines to prompt positive behavioural changes in ambitious people, regardless of age or level. Each and every one of us are passionate about our work and are here because we have stories to tell of the physical and emotional challenges we have overcome; using our experiences to inspire transformation in others.

Quite simply, we bring out the rest in them!

Communication & Behavioural Science

Emotional intelligence and communication skills, are invaluable assets for individuals and teams, easing the flow of strategic vision.


Capturing and nurturing early talent, allows potential to be developed, building leaders of tomorrow; to grow, shape and encourage.

Performance & Development

Preparing for the daily stresses of high-pressure work environments requires both a strong physical wellbeing and mental resilience.

Planning & Decision Making

Key skills within any role; the ability to plan, schedule and act decisively and with confidence, afford progression for the individual, team and organisation.

Security & Safety

Professionals operating in uncertain environments and volatile parts of the world need to be prepared for challenging situations.

Team Dynamics

Organisations get the best from their people when they can confidently work as a team-player, allowing the organisation to perform at its best.


of line managers have reported an improvement in attitude and/or performance following occupational skills development training with Fieri.

(2018 IQA results)

Our Approach

Our tailored approach, which effectively helps people develop the self-confidence they need to act swiftly and assuredly, within any situation, transforms individuals into real decision makers, allowing leaders to grow into their team role, within any business.

With experiential learning at its core, our training system is dynamic yet structured and using the latest in andragogical and learning methodologies, our programmes are the most effective available to commercial audiences.

What We Do

Experiences that build leadership

Fieri programmes are considered as a business investment, with tangible results.

Our training adds value to teams and a notable return on the time and resources invested. We work with our clients to track development and assimilation over various time periods using a range of methods including psychometric surveys and external observers, demonstrating positive changes in people and teams, allowing each to perform to their best ability within any organisation.

Chosen for their life experiences

Our coaching staff have the skills and knowledge to guide people to success. From Olympians to record-breaking explorers and military leaders; vast life experience and a wealth of knowledge and training, forms the basis of their teaching, delivered with empathy, humility and great skill.

Each and every one of us are passionate about our work and are here because we have stories to tell of the physical and emotional challenges we have overcome; using our experiences to inspire transformation in others.


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