How to make mistakes

"Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement." Henry Ford, the man who this quote is attributed to, made several unsuccessful attempts at an affordable mass-produced automobile before the Model T. It…

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Winning the negotiation game

Some people in jobs where they negotiate day in, day out begin to treat it as a bit of a game. We recently spoke to a very senior client working in mergers and accusations about negotiating, and the language he used…

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The lost art of non-verbal communication

In the Army there is always an emphasis put on 'having a face-to-face' by commanders at all levels where, despite the myriad of communication options open to the modern soldier, we would often go to great lengths, and dangers, to…

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Inspiring young leaders in the depth of winter

As part of the relationship between Deloitte and British Universities and Colleges Sports Fieri were asked to run 6 days around the country to share our experience and Leadership skills with the next generation of young leaders.

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