To inspire leadership, you have to be a leader first. Our people have led to the very edge, and we’re here to help you with everything we’ve learned.


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We are athletes, we are entrepreneurs, we are military graduates, we are adventurers. What unites us are our incredible stories, and our ability to guide you and your team towards new heights of success. No matter what field you’re coming from.

Martin Hewitt

A Sandhurst graduate, Martin’s career in the Parachute Regiment was cut short after a shooting, paralyzing his right arm. He’s now leading the ever first disabled team to climb the highest mountain on each continent, and reach both the North and South Pole. He co-founded Fieri and helps teams and business develop their leaders.

Laura Penhaul

Laura is a role model to men and women having led the first all-female team to row the Pacific Ocean setting 2 world records, rowing nearly 9,000nm in 9 months. She fully understands the importance of honesty, integrity and resilience when building high performance teams. She is also incredibly gifted at understanding the importance of supporting individuals to achieve team goals.

Tony Harris

A former British Army Captain, Tony put together the first ever disabled team to compete in the Dakar Rally and took a gold medal in Sitting Volleyball at the 2014 Invictus Games. He delivers Dimensions leadership training for Fieri, and his motivational talks have taken him all over the world.


From the Welsh Mountains to the deserts of Jordan, bringing your team on one of our Off-Sites or Away Days will give you all a whole new perspective on teamwork, leadership and communicating. We also offer our bespoke Dimensions Programmes, where we work with you to get exactly the results you need. If time is tight, we can come to you, wherever you are in the UK.

Off-Sites & Away Days 

Our thrilling Off-Sites and Away Days combine the best of all we deliver. We:

  • Find the right people to captivate, develop and inspire your team
  • Help you choose from one of our dedicated off-site locations
  • Give you once-in-a-lifetime challenges that will change the way you work for ever

Dimensions Programmes

All clients are different, so our tailored Dimensions Programmes look at every aspect of your business. We listen to your aims and then build a way of delivering sustained change to you and your team. We:

  • Coach everyone in the very best communication skills
  • Show you how to create diverse teams and transform the way you all work together
  • Help you build leadership and professional skills that last.


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“Great feedback to date verbally and it really hit the spot. Personally, I loved it and saw the entire team hanging on your every word.”

J Arnold, EDF Energy


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Because we don’t want you to just take our word for it.

“Fieri worked closely with us to build a bespoke course on Leadership and Teamwork… Every single member of the team had nothing but praise, many of them citing it as the best team building event to date”

Medical Defense Union

“You absolutely got the wow factor we were after and delivered it in spades. The off-site activity was new for us, running around doing all those activities, but your meticulous planning really gave me confidence and it ran without any glitches”

Head of Talent Brand, Deloitte UK